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Creative use of 3D modeled objects has accelerated in just about every conceivable venue except for culinary arts.  What if 3D food printers could turn “Appetizer Designs” by 3D-Cuisines into edible nourishing sustenance that taste as good as they look?  For one thing, it would be the catalyst for a revolution in food production and design. 

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It could also inspire food enthusiasts to become digital chefs, designing 3D visual appetizers for feasibility and marketability testing before mass printing.  Just as architects plan structural designs virtually before building them, each reap the advantages of this approach, which are significant. 

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Besides Architects being able to work out design and structural engineering ahead of construction, the utilization of virtual structure design also provides means for realistic virtual visualization, which helps to sell digitally developed projects and acquire financing for production or development to make them real.

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The objective of “Appetizer Designs” by 3D-Cuisines is to demonstrate how deliciously looking 3D modeled food entrées can serve as virtual appetizers even if they are not readily available to eat.  These designs are made available in high quality print. 

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A primary factor to consider about 3D-Cuisines food graphics is that they can make you feel hungry, which is the minimum criteria to be an appetizer.  Imagine how our instinctive human behavior would be affected by seeing culinary art wall hangings dressing up the interior while shopping at a food service provider. 

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Remember the old adage, “don’t go grocery shopping while hungry”?  We end up spending more than we plan simply because we feel hungry which triggers our desire to want and buy more.

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Culinary art has been around for a very long time, which is a direct indicator of its popularity and success.  3D-Cuisines entrées and food designs have successfully fabricated 3D food graphics to look very much like the real thing. 

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Having such models in a creative toolbox allows for greater flexibility in creative applications of culinary design.  Imagine trying to setup an artistic food display that presents the same food selections in different color settings.  Changing the colors of scene object and dining ware for example without disturbing the food. 

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This is not possible in the real world but 3D-Cuisines can be arranged in a virtual setting so that changing the color of scene objects and dining ware is a very easy task.  This makes it feasible to provide the same food art design in a variety of colors including customization.

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Another application of 3D-Cuisines is in architectural 3D dining design.  No need to imagine what food would look like in 3D dining visualization with 3d food graphics adoring meticulously arranged dining plates.  As for other applications of 3D-Cuisines, they are only limited by the imagination.

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