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Andre%20%20Gigi%20of%203D Cuisines2Hello, my name is Andre.  I am a multimedia professional responsible for building and maintaining this website along with being a partner in developing its content and products. This website project has stirred more excitement in me than others. One reason is that my wife Gigi and I are both working on it together with enthusiasm about our fun filled approach to product development.  Other reasons are that it brings back an energetic working relationship between us along with memories of how we met in a similar manner, working together on a Church website.
Gigi and I complement each other in particular ways. One is that I love to cook and she loves to eat. She also loves to travel and sample foods along the way. I am not as enthused about traveling as she is but I do enjoy her captivating stories, see (GigiJournals), about her journeys throughout the world, more recently to 10 European countries around Germany in one month.  This is part of what sparked our creative venture. Our goal is to make productive use of our creative energy and eating activity. Little by little over time, at a pace meant to avoid our getting fat, we will partake in as many international cuisines as possible not just for enjoyment and nourishment, but also to turn the experience into quality digital products.  
We plan to photograph each cuisine and food items in a systematic way, before eating them, so that we can create 3D models based on the images.  In a nutshell, this is how 3D-Cuisines, the digital products made available for sale on this website are being developed.  End user applications of our digital products include architectural interior design visualization, such as home dining modeling, restaurant interior modeling, outdoor dinning, artistic food modeling, and etc.  Photographs of food will also be made available as visual resources for graphics designers and restaurant owners who need food imagery for menu design, advertisement, food posters and etc.
The most unique qualities of our joint venture is that it is international in scope and grounded in authenticity based on real cuisines and food that my wife and I will enjoy eating together. Besides, this project will make it easier for me the next time I visit my ultra-fit vegetarian doctor who will ask me about my diet. I’ll just sheepishly refer him to this website and blame any extra pounds on diversity of what I eat being my public duty... ha ha ha!
Best regards and much appreciation for your visit!
Au Revoir!, Adios!, Tchau!, Paálam!, Ciao!, Pa!, Ade!, DoviÄ‘enja!, Poka!, Daag!, Do zobaczenia!, Farvel!, Ghoebaai!, Vi ses!, See ya!, and etc.

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