3D Cuisines, known for realistic looking food entrée modeling and appetizer art décor design, now introduce the first in a series of tableware dinnerware designs in the form of 3D models. The images presented here were rendered through a virtual camera using a computer software tool for virtual structures and magery production. Such is used to create architectural designs before building them. Rendering is like computerized photoraphy.

Virtual photography is a powerful tool that offers an open ended creative tool box allowing for flexibility in creating customized objects, artificial to realistic daylight lighting, surface texturing including transparency, reflections, camera position and types, special effects, animation and etc. allowing for infinite visualization possibilities. Creating, honing and integrating the right combination of digital assets so that they result in a beautifully rendered image is what virtual photography is all about.

Asian Art Decor Sushi Dinnerware and Tableware Collection – Presenting stylish tableware dinnerware designs with authentic ancient Asian patterns transformed into modern art décor. As for the look of each dinnerware dish, they are enhanced by a meticulously designed contour formation adding structural elegance making these dinnerware designs a unique work of virtual tableware art. Video Animation with above prints.

First release of these models is available as wall hangings in print, framed or unframed, and suitable for interior decoration. The availability of 3D printed or downloadable models of 3D-Cuisines tableware dinnerware is to be announced. Prints available at: Imagekind • Fineartamerica

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Dining Wall Decor Prints

Prints available at: ImagekindFineartamerica

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