3D Cuisines, known for realistic looking food entrée modeling and appetizer art décor design, now introduce the first in a series of tableware dinnerware designs in the form of 3D models. The images presented here were rendered through a virtual camera using a computer software As I was experimenting with the idea, I realized the artistic potential of combining culinary art with abstract design. Having both together in a complimenting way would be twice as appealing. The most unique thing about the resulting art deco appetizer design is that there is no trick photography or Photoshop layering of any kind; it is all 3D. Realistic looking entrée models make this possible. It was a matter of developing a concept and production process. First it was necessary to resolve a technical approach to combining 3D-Cuisines food models with modern abstract design to create a unique work of culinary art. Prints are available HERE and HERE.

An Art Decor Approach to 3D Appetizer Design

After trying various methods, an artistically balanced approach became increasingly obvious once I was able to fine-tune a systematic technique for creating a cohesive design concept. Although I am working with virtual food objects, I wanted to maintain a standard production workflow, so I created the abstract design that showcases the food models in 3D to fully integrate the design as a uniform concept.

Working with 3D-Cuisines requires well-positioned virtual lighting adjusted to appropriate intensities for each light in the modeled scene. Choosing the angle of view of a virtual camera to display the food model is also important. Some angles of camera views are not as well suited for showing off the realistic aspects of the 3D food entrées. With the right view and lighting, the modeled food will look real.

The final look of my effort is only one way to combine culinary art with abstract design. I am sure I can discover other ways that would be different but just as appealing. Any number of 3D Graphics Designers working with the same concept and 3D-Cuisines would also yield a variety of unique and eye catching results.

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