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Art Deco Appetizer Design

Art Deco Appetizer Design

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About 3D-Cuisines

About 3D-Cuisines

You have a wonderfully modeled dining scene but something is missing! You know exactly what it is but like so many do, you try to ignore it. I use to do the same thing until I decided to do something about it. It has nothing to do with a mythical “elephant in the room”, but a fantastic 3D dining scene with no food! 

Why is it that we often leave our 3D dining tables meticulously set but bare of food? Certainly not to depict a Gothic famine! The truth is that it is not easy to find a cohesive source of 3D modeled food that doesn’t look like unprocessed groceries. Experience feeds our conscious with visions of dining tables adorned with prepared food that looks delicious and ready to eat!  Successfully integrating the complexity of realistic food into a virtual dining scene was problematic.  This is why I became enthused about exploring and developing a solution.

My primary goal was to make it convenient to add realistic looking "ready to eat" low poly 3D food into various 3D modeling applications. With over 20 years of multimedia production experience, a double major in Fine Arts and Physics, I have become somewhat of a digital art engineer. Through relentless experimental tinkering, sometimes resulting in confounding outcomes before finally achieving success, I now proudly present: “3D-Cuisines”, a 3D dining scene solution and culinary resource for 3D graphics design and 3D visualization.


"It makes me feel hungry"

It makes me feel hungry

“It makes me feel hungry”, is the most common and gratifying comment I heard from my most objective critics in reaction to 3D-Cuisines.  

When it comes to 3D design visualization, realism is a primary objective for 3D artists.  We want our virtual landscapes to be breathtaking, objects and scenery props to be constructed and textured to not be discernable from the real thing. Making sure that lighting mimics that of nature or that which is artificial such as what illuminates from manmade devices may take a lot of tedious efforts.  

But that is what drives us, 3D artists, when it comes to honing and perfecting the craft of 3D Design Visualization.  Comments like, ‘that’s a fantastic photo,” “where did you find that,” or “it makes me feel hungry” can really make our day and all the effort towards craftsmanship worth it.


Remarkable PR Results

Remarkable PR Results

We posted our first press release for 3D-Cuisines through PRLOG’s free service without realizing what would happen. Because we had unique and unpublished content, we qualified for a front-page listing and was able to get prime exposure for a day. During the first day, 3D-Cuisines’ press release made top of the list for the most PR hits during a 7-day tracking period by

If only we had known, we would have paid for more than one day of high visibility to significantly top our peak of over 11,500 unique hits and over 19,000 total hits in just one day. Read: 3D-Cuisines-PR


Dining 3D Cuisines Style

Dining 3D-Cuisines Style

Dining 3D Cuisines Style Video WPlay

The purpose of the above video, “Dining 3D-Cuisines Style” is one of the ways we are showcasing samples of 3D-Cuisines, newly designed low poly high detailed 3D food models. The 3D model of an interior sunken dining den scene is an original design.  I am not an Architect but I once worked with them and have much respect for their skills.  While producing this video, I played the part of an Architect to construct a 3D interior concept of a sunken dining den scene. Primary starter objects include a door, a window, a dining table and a chair. All of which were retextured. Using an array function, I was able to multiply the windows and chairs. The construction of the room was created using a contoured vector line shape and a swivel function set to 8 segments. Other elements in the room were imported and some were retextured. The 3D female figure was modeled and posed using DAZ Studio 3D.


A 3d kitchen and home interior design presentation:
A hostess-centric kitchen design integration with home dining, entertainment and living space concept.


Low poly 3D food models downloads for 3D design visualization and dining props.


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Why 3D-Cuisines?

Building a sweet home 3D dining room? 3D-Cuisines food models can help make it easier by reducing rendering time with realistic looking low poly food models.  3D-Cuisines food models is a growing collection of food art props adding international flavor to 3D dining room interior scenes. Check out our culinary art prints created with 3D-Cuisines food models.

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